A new digital home

This is my attempt to make a final attempt at blogging.

I've blogged on and off since around the year 2000, but have never managed to stick with one platform. For the past few years, I've greatly enjoyed Twitter as a micro-blogging outlet, but for some longer thoughts, it doesn't fit well.

After many attempts with different platforms, this is my attempt to make it final. Posthaven seems like a perfect solution for what I'm looking for. It's a simple platform, and promises to stick around for ever. It's not made by people who want to get rich(er), and you pay for it, ensuring long-term financial stability without ads. And the only reason why I believe all of this is because it has been created by Garry Tan. Of all the partners at Y Combinator that I had the chance to meet during my time there in 2014, he was by far the smartest, most creative, and most relaxed (a rare combination anywhere). If he puts his name on the pledge, then I'm buying.

I'll transfer this to salathe.com as soon as possible. (done)